Have you ever heard of Keesler Cream and what's in it?

  1. Have you ever heard of Keesler Cream?

    It's used ubiquitously here for pressure ulcers, burns, and just about anything else on the skin. I cannot find anything about it in any of my nursing or drug books. Also searching online doesn't reveal anything.

    I'm more curious than anything else.
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  3. by   ADNJ
    It's compounded by a local pharmacist. It contains zinc oxide, a magnesium based antacid(like Mylanta), an antifungal cream(like miconazole or clortrimazole), & vitamin cream(like A&D). The zinc oxide is a skin protectant. The antacid helps prevent skin irritation from acidic drainage from the yeast & helps to inhibit yeast & bacterial growth. The antifungal use needs no explanation. The A&D cream also helps to inhibit yeast & bacterial growth. I'm not certain if those are the only ingredients used to compound the Keesler cream. But, those are the main ingredients. A pharmacist shared this info with me at a hospital I once worked at.
  4. by   MissChloe
    I'm guessing the name is local, we use something like that in a couple places I've worked but we call it something else (which of course I can't remember at the moment, sorry!).