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When I tell people (classmates and friends) that I really hate this rotation, I just get this "Ohhh, you don't like kids", reaction from them. I feel bad at that point for even voicing my... Read More

  1. by   flyakite80
    I don't do my OB/Peds rotation until the end of April, but I already know it's not for me. All I have to do is just hear a story of sick child and I get all choked up. I was doing a rotation in SPU last week and a teenage girl was getting wheeled away to surgery. Her parents were there and a few other people, and everyone was just saying goodbye, I love you, etc. I thought I would burst into tears!! And she was only having minor surgery. I don't know what it is about kids. I have 2 of my own and I just love them to death. I hate when they are sick.
  2. by   BoonersmomRN
    I end OB in 3 weeks ( not 3 weeks soon enough) and then start Peds. I really hope I like Peds better. OB was just BORING to me.
  3. by   wgirl08
    well i can say this...i haven't finished my rotation yet and haven't really worked with the little kiddlywinks yet (except for in a MDs office which i never want to experience again and i will never complain about the long wait at my child's pediatric clinic EVER again) but i did work OB which i loved and i worked NICU which has been my favorite of any clinical so far

    so it takes special people to do peds and actually i think it takes special people to work on med/surg floors because im not a fan of med/surg floors
  4. by   cornpoohRN
    I feel you. I can't stand to go to clinical. It seems that I have gotten a bad rotation after another. My PEDS rotation................TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY You have no idea! The nurses were all so young and I really thought that they would be tons of help but NO, it seems they forgot they were students once they were really kinda nasty. But never mindy who I don't have to go back. Good luck and "this to shall pass"
  5. by   Valasca
    idk if you realized this or not but this thread is a little over a year and a half old. Just and observation and nothing more.
  6. by   cornpoohRN
    absolutely just noticed it when you posted..............somehow I was linked to that post.
  7. by   Valasca
    No prob. I am sure I've done it before.
  8. by   flyakite80
    LOL!! I got the email too because I posted on this thread last year. How funny, that seems like ages ago to me now. :chuckle:chuckle