Has anyone worked as a Unit Secretary?

  1. I have an interview on Monday for a unit secretary for a medsurg floor and I was wondering what are you're responsibilities ? Thanks
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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Hi jlhalloween,

    I had worked as a unit secretary on a med/surg respiratory floor and I found it to be very educational. You'll pretty much be the right hand of many of the nurses. You'll need to make sure that any medication orders that come through the physicians are correctly listed on the correct patient's med sheets. You'll be doing the processing of admissions, discharges and transfers of patients to and from your floor. Answering phones, making up new charts, answering the call light....and then contacting either the nurse or nurse's aide assigned to that patient. You may need to order additional meals...usually if a patient would call asking for blanket or such, I would bring it over. Before bringing food or water, check the md orders to see if they are able to have it, and then make sure to let the nurse know as they may have to monitor I&O's.

    Working on a med/surg floor has made me more open to working on this floor when I finish nursing, but it is definitely not an easy floor, being a specialty all its own.
  4. by   jlhalloween
    Thanks for all the feedback, very helpful? I forgot to ask in the first post? What were you being paid. This position is supplemental so I dont really know what to expect.
  5. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Well, I worked in Sarasota, Florida and my base was $11/hr and then I got differential pay because I usually worked after 3 pm and on the weekends.
  6. by   sassyRN73
    I have worked as a unit secretary for the past seven years. The responsibilities are the same except that we transcribed all of the MD orders. Was really usefull in learning to read MD handwriting (hideous). I work in MA and my start pay was 11.25/hr and am now making 15.05/hr. Job is good as you get a realistic idea about what nursing is and is not.