Has anyone used the Nursing Made Easy for Fundamentals book?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone has had any success in Fundamentals with The Nursing Made Easy for Fundamentals book?? I am grasping for straws here after my first test and I need any tips I can get. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Glimmer
    I bought it last week in an attempt to supplement my class reading and understanding. It helps in some areas... and in some it goes far more in depth then what my book or lecture has. Like I have told classmates... I have not gone through it completely yet... but at the moment, while it may help me, I wouldnt be the first to scream that everyone in the class needs the book.

  4. by   mamason
    Hello, I have only been out of nursing school for about 3 years. I used the "Made Easy" series for Fundamentals, Pediatrics, etc. They helped me understand the content of what rotation we were in at that particular time. I did find that the questions were not up to standards with the critical thinking format. I mainly used them to help me understand the subjects better. I also used a NCLEX review book to help me get used to the critical thinking questioning. These questions were similar to what I was seeing on my tests. Hope this helps.
  5. by   N51308
    I love the Nursing Fundamentals Incredibly Easy. It breaks the information down in simple and precise language. Great investment! I also have the Health Assessment made Incredibly Visual. If you want to view it first, check out your school's library. I just got two others from my school library. The librarian stated a lot of people forget that the books are great resources but are overlooked and they are not checked out often??!! Use whatever means will help you learn the material. In addition, your local library may have used book sales and used bookstores. I often have classmates who call me the "resource girl" but I need all the help I can get and they are always asking to look at them, too. :-) Best Wishes
  6. by   Jenny67
    I have it and feel it helps me. I read my textbook reading first then the corresponding chapters in Incred.Easy. I would highly recommend, I just purchased Incred Easy Fluids and Electrolytes as we will be entering there in a few weeks and have been told a lot of students struggle with it.

    Good Luck!!
  7. by   N51308
    All the Incredibly Easy Series are extremely helpful. The IES Fundamentals helped me get through the first year. I also recommend NCLEX-RN & the medical-surgical. It has great little titles/sayings that get the information in your head and help it stick. Of course they don't take the place of reading your textbook but they are wonderful supplement. Hope that helps!

    Best Wishes!