Happy Nurses Day!

  1. We celebrated Nurses Day today at school. We had some tests (go figure, can never get away from those), then we chowed down! We had so much food! Our instructors gave away some books, highlighters, and bags (I won a bag). A lot of fun, and nice way to relax before finals. Next year, the first level students will be the ones bringing US food, and they better make it good! -A
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    That's cool that you got to celebrate!

    Our nurses at the dialysis clinic got a free meal voucher from the hospital that we are associated with. We wished them a happy nurse's day on Wednesday and told them that they didn't have to do any work that day...except for doing meds, giving advice and dealing with catheter patients. :chuckle Other than that, I don't think much was done for them.