Had orientation today!!

  1. Orientation was held today at my school. It was refreshing (especially after reading the other board & how many people were not recommending anyone go into nursing). They covered pretty much everything.....from books, to financial aid/scholarships, counseling, what to expect in the nursing program, how they offer a lot of help if you feel you are struggling in any areas and they also covered how to continue your education afterwards from bsn to msn to a doctorate degree. The adn to bsn & msn programs can all be done online where I'm at. Oh....and they even had someone from the local hospital there to recruit us to begin working after our first semester. Not sure about other states, but here in Florida...the hospitals will pay for your education if you agree to work for them upon graduation. Not sure how long of a commitment you have to give them or how they decide the pay, but they told us it's something they will talk to us after classes begin in January. It seems so far away....yet just around the corner. They even advised us to get started prior to class beginning as there is a calendar posted online as to our assignments for the semester.

    The only downside I found is that we don't get to wear scrubs....rather we have to purchase a uniform. Not sure what it's like at other schools, but I guess it's the norm for my school. Also found out I got certified in the wrong cpr course......need the one for health professionals....why can't they have that written on the paper they handed out months ago????? Lol, oh well, another 6 hours in a cpr class...fun, fun, fun.

    Can't wait to hear how everyone else's orientation goes.

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  3. by   renerian
    Jen glad your orientation went well. I know I only encourage people to go into nursing but to do it with their eyes open. I have posted before our nursing class had 500 people in it. You could not get an ounce of personal attention. Way to many people. Stop by and keep us updated. Here in Columbus they will pay for your education if you agree to work there.

  4. by   cakarol
    Good to hear that you are so excited! It surely is an exciting time....and will only get crazier...er, um, exciting I mean....

    Good luck to you ... and don't worry about the CPR class...at least it is only 6 hours....could be an entire class that won't transfer to another college like some other people I know are battling! *winks*

  5. by   Jennerizer
    Lol, you're right.....6 hours is nothing. Not like I had anything fun planned for this Friday anyways.

    That is terrible about the credits not transferring. Here in Florida....the state colleges have to accept all courses from the community colleges. In fact, one of the state colleges opened a branch at my community college to make it easier for the students to continue their education. At least that is one thing Florida is good for.

    500 people in a nursing class? WOW! We are starting out with 120, but only 30 to each class & in lab it's 10 to each assistant professor. So I think we will get a lot of individual help. We shall see....I'll keep you updated.

  6. by   2banurse
    Just asking because I'm on the west coast and curious about the set up here. I'll probably still apply for the ADN program next year, but I'm thinking that I'll do the LPN route, get into the USF BSN program (MSN being my goal). I don't know about your ADN curriculum, but the actual clinical time isn't too impressive. The first semester you go twice a week for 10 hours each week and each semester after it is I think 7 hours each day. In order for me not to feel anxious each time, I would need to have more hands on.

    Good luck! and let us know how it goes for you. It must be exciting actually finding out all you need to know!