Great clinical FINALLY!!!

  1. Hey, all! Sorry I haven't been here for a while, but I've been moving to a new house, and moving in with a new roommate, saving some money for school, and trying to stay on top of reading, writing big paper, online classes, etc....
    Had clinical yesterday and it was a good day, although I had one issue. I was assigned to do a complete physical assessment with instructor in room so she would check me off on it, and after I introduced myself to my patient, I went down to do a little research. She got done with breakfast and instructor said we'd do it around 10, so I went to take her to room as she really only comes out to eat, and visit with family.
    Sitting with her, I was asking her some background questions for the form we have to turn in every week. She had some Alzheimer's but answered many of the ?'s for me. Then about 9:30, I noticed that her privacy curtain was missing, and I worried about her roommate hearing/seeing everything I was doing during PA.
    I asked an aide and went down to the housekeeping office with her, reported it, then reported it to my instructor, who stated her roommate was pretty much "blind, and hard of hearing", so I should be able to keep her covered well enough.
    Client was in chair when we started, got 1/2 way through then instructor suggested I have her sit in bed for when she came back. Instructor then went to check another student for PA, then came back 40 mins later! the whole time, patient wanted to get up out of bed and I had to keep convincing her to stay sitting up or lying down for me and I would have her back on her feet I finished up, instructor told me to assess posture/gait, and she'd see me in postconference, and "good job". WOOOOO!!! compliments are as hard to come by from this instructor as ice in the desert! Also, complimented me on the initative taken about the privacy curtain....initative is one thing on our actual clinical grade sheets!! WHOO!!!
    At pre-conference, she also had me and another student stand up and the other classmates guess why we were standing up. Some were positive "they got all their demos done.(right, but not the reason we were called up)." Also, "they made a patient care error."(thanks for the positivity)
    The reason? "they did a great job on their databases." YEP!! :spin: big 15 page form and I got called out on it. of course, that meant I had classmates asking me how to fill out x and x blank, etc. etc. all clinical long. Finally I was just like "ummm, could I go take care of my patient now??"
    Ok, just had to brag a little. Did have trouble getting a BP with the double eared steth, but that'll get better...
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  3. by   RNLifesaver
    I think the double ear-ed stethescopes are more difficult to hear out of anyway.

    Good job in clinical!!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Good job, man! Feels good when you put a lot of work into something and get recognized for it.

    Don't worry too much about the BP - those teaching stethoscopes can be really tough.
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    I try not to worry about it, but we have to be signed off on getting the same bp as instructor on a patient. I'm just looking forward to a week off due to veteran's day! WHOO!! I can sleep in Friday!!
  6. by   Eager2bRN
    Good job!:spin: