GRE timing

  1. When do you think is a good time for the GRE? If I want to go through the RN to MSN program that I"m looking in to after I grad from RN school in July, I will need to have taken the GRE. Problem is when do you take it! I am hoping to take the NCLEX in would the GRE be sometime after that I assume? I don't want to focus on any other tests during my NCLEX preparing time!
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  3. by   nurse-to-be1000
    Personally I would suggest taking the GRE after you get through with the NCLEX. However, my understanding is there is a new version of the GRE being released in September or so, so with that in mind you may decide you want to take it before the new version. GRE scores are typically valid 5 years from the date taken.