1. I getting ready to graduate this weekend and I am nervous about HESI.
    I really don't know how to prepare for it. Any suggestions on study materials?
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  3. by   nicolegrow
    You don't prepare for the HESI. It is to test what you already know, and let you know your weak points. This way you can know what to focus on when studying for your NCLEX.
  4. by   Kevin RN08
    Unfortunately for some, HESI isn't the tool nicole speaks of. It's designed to be a preNCLEX tool to show determine strengths and weaknesses and provides remediation. For some it determines whether you are allowed to take NCLEX.
    If you took a "practice" HESI review the remediation plan, if you don't have that luxury then do NCLEX Review and questions covering EVERYTHING.
  5. by   nicurn2be
    I just took my HESI, and scored fairly well (in the 900s). I just did a lot of questions beforehand, and I was ok. Good Luck!
  6. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I have a Hesi book from the beginning of nursing college and I feel like I am fully prepared to take on anything at this time. It is a very good book. The CD helps a lot too.