Gotta get a job...

  1. Ok guys... I've never paid much attention before to these sort of threads, but now I have to... why? Cause I gotta get a job!

    Not thru fault of mine...

    Not thru fault of my husband..

    But thru fault of someone and/or something where he works to support us while I am in school. I won't go into detail, but we depended on this place for good and bad, thru all sorts of times in our life, and now it's kicking us in the butt!

    Anyway~ After all my rambling on and on... I need to know some good strategies for keeping up with my studies while I am working weekend nights and some thru the week.

    I need some good plans... anybody have any?

    Thanks a lot you all! I appreciate all of you!

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  3. by   Whisper
    I can't be much help, as i just quit my job, however i used to make dictaphone notes form my reading and lecturers and listen to them on my way too and from work.

    Another great tip is to ask your school is if they have any audio text books, for students with dislexia or sight problems, allthough there can be a waiting list for these, they can help you get the extra hours of reading in around a job, especially if it somewhere where you can wear a walkman.
  4. by   GPatty
    Thanks, Whisper. I already do listen to my lectures that I have taped. They already help me a lot! I suppose I could do that... it's not like I'd be at work for conversation anyway, huh?

    Sorry for all my grumping everyone...I was just hoping my Honey's job would be something he would enjoy, and I am so tired of him being kicked in the caboose all the time. Especially when he tries soooo hard! But, as always...*SIGH*

    Thanks again Whisper!