Got to give my first injection today!!! - page 2

Today was the coolest lab! We got to give each other flu shots. I have been so excited to do an injection =). (on a real human instead of my pets) My lab partner said she didn't even feel it. Next... Read More

  1. by   ortess1971
    Mine was an IM injection on a skinny little old man!!!My heart was pounding. He claimed it didn't hurt that badly...I think he was just being nice!
  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I guess I could add the story I've posted elsewhere on this site....venipuncture, not injection though.

    I did lots and lots of venipunctures in school on other students all the time, and I did way over the amount needed to become certified.

    Anyway, the first time I went to get blood from a patient, the patient fainted! I had to hold her head up with my left elbow/arm while trying to hold the vacutainer still with my left hand, and get the blood-filled tube out, then the needle out and into the bio-hazard container with my right hand. WHEW!!!! By the time someone got to where I was, it was all finished, and she was bandaged. LOL (Next time she came in, she did allow me to do her venipuncture again stating it wasn't me.....but I did take her to a room to a examining bed instead of the venipuncture chair.) :chuckle