Good News, Bad News

  1. Just found out last week that I got accepted into the nursing program. Was in the midst of setting up appt. for my immunizations and am now in the middle of my CPR class and yesterday my husband got a big promotion and we will have to relocate ASAP. Have no ideal what to do at this point. Have looked into the college in the area where I will be moving and it is definitely past the application date now. I am still going to place a call and talk to admissions there to see what can be done. The problem is, my husband will have to move immediately, but me and the kids can't go until the house has a contract on it. I'm afraid to start classes here and I am also afraid to register at the college where we will be moving.
    Also, nursing will be my second career and I am making a good salary now as an HIM Director in a hospital and could relocate and stay in that position and we would be a lot better off financially than if I quit working and go to school. My hospital here was going to let me work part-time while I went to school and pay me well plus let me have flex hours.
    I am so disappointed and don't know which way to turn at this point. I also have to deal with the emotional upheavel for my 2 teenagers that I have at home.
    Help.... Any suggestions????
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  3. by   Katnip
    We moved the year I was accepted at a nursing school. We moved anyway.

    I had to apply to a new university. Some of my prereqs didn't transfer, so it was another year to take care of that. I graduated last month and don't regret it for a minute.

    As far as the kids, my oldest (two oldest are teens) has been having a really rough time since we moved. Hopefully, he's getting back on track now. I'm not 100% the move triggered it. The other two haven't had a problem at all. It depends on the personality of the kids, I think.
  4. by   Bevi
    what a pickle!!
    i imagine it must weigh on you that there are wait-listed people who would love that seat......
    i wish you luck in a tough decision, i'm sure whatever you decide will be best......
    Do houses sell fairly quickly in your part of the usa?
    that may help you to decide.......
  5. by   ddmartin
    It really depends on the house. I really don't think we will have much of a problem after we do some minor repairs. We told our children today and it was really tough. My problems seem minor compared to what they are going to go through. They both have major girlfriends and my youngest is going to be a junior in high school.

    We will be moving to Greensboro, NC and I am going to start by placing a call to them tomorrow and just start the whole registration process over. Their nursing class is full for the fall semester, but the good thing is that they have an evening nursing program that begins in the Spring semester with the application process ending in Sept. I will continue on with my summer class now and just reapply. I am going to look at this positively and know that this will give me a chance to be with my children during their transition stage of moving. This will also give me a chance to complete the pyschology that is needed which I can do on the internet and can complete this anywhere.
    I am just so disappointed that I worked really hard this year to maintain my 3.8 GPA while working so I could get accepted in the program this fall, which I did. This would have put me graduating the same year that my son would.
    Oh well, it's not the end of the world. I will just be a nurse in another part of the state. It could be worse......

    thanks to all for the support
  6. by   NurseAngie
    Hi, just wanted to lend ya some support because you sound really disappointed. From the sound of things I do not think you will have any trouble landing a spot in another nursing program. It may take a bit longer, but so what. You can do it!