Good luck this semester!

  1. To all nursing and pre-nursing students,

    I just wanted to wish you all good luck this semester and beyond.

    Keep your head up and keep your eye on the prize

    Don't get overwhelmed, take each task as it comes.

    And when you things are looking down come to allnurses for some encouragement and cheering up!:kiss

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Great advice, rpbear!
  4. by   xomandalized
    Thank you!
  5. by   nursemama2be
    Thanks.. i am still kinda far away from starting.. sept 7th...
  6. by   shellsgogreen
    hey rp!
    thanx a bunch for the warm wishes, hope all goes well with you and your job also

    i'm going to echo the sentiment to everyone - enjoy and try not to do the following when the going gets tough ---> (haven't we all been there? lol)
  7. by   RANCH GIRL
    Thank you rpbear and . . . right back at ya!
  8. by   nursein08
    Thank you so much rpbear...and good luck to everyone also!