Going back to school after 2 year leave of absence

  1. Anyone have any suggestions to help me get through the initial shock of going back to nursing school? I had to take a medical leave of absence two years ago after completing the first year of a 2-year program, so I feel like I will be a fish out of water once I go back. Any suggestions or advice will be soooooo appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    oooh, i have no advice but wanted to tell you that I am in similar shoes though I had not actually started the program yet, just my pre-req's and had been accepted in to start in the fall. I dropped out because my little girl came and I fell in love with her and couldn't imagine leaving her. Now that I am done having children, I am going back and start the ADN program in the fall.
  4. by   HyperRNRachel
    You've had two years of the nursing program before you left? If so, review what you still have notes on, talk with some of the students who have taken the classes you are going to be taking, and brush up on your math skills. I think after the initial nervousness wears off, you will feel like you never missed a beat. Good Luck.
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