Goals for Preceptorships

  1. AYYYYYIIIEEEE!!! I was looking ahead and I thought for preceptorship we just got assigned, went there and then started learning!! We have to come up with goals we want to accomplish! I want to 1. Learn 2. Make it through the day. 3. Get it over with!! :wink2: I don't think that would fly! Any ideas? HELP!!!
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  3. by   AuntieRN
    How about accomplishing some skills you have yet to accomplish during clinicals, or observing a technique you have yet to see. I had a blast during my preceptorship and accomplished more skills during that 40 hours than I did in all 5 semesters of clinicals in school. I did mine in the ER during July 4th week at night. I can put a F/C in with my eyes closed (not really j/k..but I did put in a lot and had never put in any in school)....
  4. by   Imafloat
    Ours had to be formal, measureable and attainable. We have a list of objectives we must complete so I took mine off of there. Here are some of them. We have nine weeks so I had one for every week.

    1. Student will know the location of pyxis, crash cart, and other equipment by the end of week one of the practicum.
    2. Student will independently give correct report on assigned patient(s) by week two of the practicum.
    3. Student will give total care with supervision to two patients by week three of the practicum.

    Finally for week nine I said this:
    9. Student will transition from the role of student nurse to the role of graduate nurse by week nine of the practicum.

    We have to keep a weekly journal. We didn't have to have nine objectives, but I figured keeping track of meeting my weekly objectives would be a neat addition to my journal.
  5. by   Narnia456
    THANK-YOU!!! :wink2: Sometimes during school I feel I could start a new NDX: Knowledge constipation R/T word overload!! When I do a careplan, I find after I get one sentence the rest flows. It's just that little push I needed!!