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Hello, I'm just starting my pre req's and was wondering what I can do to prepare myself for nursing school? Should I be reading any certain books? Or trying to learn some medical terms... Read More

  1. by   nursebucky
    There is one book that my nursing program required us to purchase called Test-taking Success for Beginning Nurses.
    I bought it off of the Barnes and Noble website.
    This is an excellent book.
    I also bought the Nurse Facts book that we will supposedly need for clinicals.
    I am also trying to occupy my mind with tons of things in advance to get a slight edge. I also plan on buying my nursing books ($400 worth) in a couple of weeks, so I can start reading.
  2. by   RainbowzLPN
    I got a CD called Body Works.. by The Learning Company/Princeton Review. It's really neat, has all the info on the body, all the systems, etc.
  3. by   marilynmom
    Where are you all getting your CSN certification through? Is there someway to get it without having to pay for the class that you know of?

    I would like to get it but can't afford the class right now either.

  4. by   marilynmom
    I meant CNA not

  5. by   2ner
    Sometimes local hospitals and nursing homes offer CNA courses that are free or paid for. But i think you hafta sign on to work w/ them for x number of months or years if they are footing the bill. I've seen ads in the paper b4, but none lately....I was thinkin of doin the same thing while going thru school, it's kinda hard gettin a job w/o experience or certs. Apparently they're only a few weeks or so, while the community colleges and red cross' last for up to 6 months.

    good luck!
  6. by   kat57
    Hey RainbowzCNA...
    I have been looking for the bodyworks cd you spoke about and can't find it. Went to Barnes and Noble as well as their luck. Could you tell me where to find it ? Thanks.
  7. by   gonnabeanurse2
    All of the above advice is great. You have to be completely dedicated to nursing to do well, but in that dedication don't forget to take care of you. Eat well, sleep well, excercise, and learn to let some things housework...hehe. The best of luck to you!!
  8. by   katieRNlove
    The main piece of advise I would give is that when you get into nursing school, learn all yor stuff and not just to pass the test. Even the little details. Everything you study or talk about will come back to you in future quarters. Everything, every teeny weeny little tiny stupid thing!!!!!!