Fundamentals of Nursing, 3rd Edition, anybody using this book?. Help!

  1. Anybody using Fundamentals of Nursing, 3rd edtion
    I need help finding review questions and practicing online away from what the book provides.
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  3. by   Soup Turtle
    We didn't use that book, but here is the kozier site if you'd like to do those practice nclex questions. There are about 10 for each chapter.,00.html

    Just scroll down and select the subject/chapter, then click on the "NCLEX review" on the left hand side. It will let you know what you got right, what you got wrong, and why!
  4. by   Nurses-Rule1987
    thank you so much
    it is highly appreciated!
    Good luck with everything!
  5. by   AnnaN5
    This is the website that goes along with the Harkreader book:

    You just need to register for free then you can use all the online resources. They have chapter summaries, NCLEX questions, etc on that site.