Funda and A&P II

  1. Hi,

    Did anyone experience having Fundamentals of Nursing with Anatomy and Physiology II, plus math of medical dosage too?

    I wonder, coz thats my sched for spring and i work fulltime...

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  3. by   Patty Oxen SN
    Hi paula77720,

    Wow sounds like you have a heavy load. You might have to cut back on some work time so you can study. I just started my 2 semester (Med-Surg) I got both of my A&P and Eng 111 out of the way. I had Fund. and Pharmacology 1 semster. I had more time to concentrate on Nursing.

  4. by   WalMart_ADN
    I took Anatomy II, Nursing 102(Nursing Fundamentals), Child and adolescant development, and English 201, plus i had pediatric/med surg clinicals my second semester. I also worked part-time. Not fun, but also not impossible. It took a lot of work ,patience, and a whole lot of understanding from my family. Now, i don't know your situation at home, but thankfully i do'nt have kids or a husband to deal with! i'm only 19, still live at home with my that helped a lot. I'm just thankful this is my last semester, 13 credit hours and i am DONE AND GRAUDATED!
    anyway, i think you will be fine, just know what you are getting into and know that it isn't isn't impossible, it just isn't easy. Best of luck!
  5. by   Nrswannab
    Paula - I have the same schedule and I also have Human Growth and Development. I am also Mom to 2 sons and Wife to a very supportive husband. I cut back at work in August when I started school; right now I work about 26 hours/week (more, if I get out of class early). It has been tough on us financially and we've had to do a lot of "creative work" with our bills! I am getting loans at school (a few of them are service-cancellable), so that's helping. I started spring semester last week and it's going to be a difficult semester, especially dealing with A&P II and knowing that if I don't pass that class, I'm out of the nursing program. But, with support, faith and perserverance, I know that I can do it and... you can too! I do recommend that you cut back at work, though. Good luck!