For those on waiting lists, what do you do while your waiting?

  1. I start in less than two weeks and since I was in a nursing program before out of state I have almost all of my core class work done. I have two prerequisites I have to take because they were a little different than my other school. I have a political science course I have to take as a general ed class and that is it. What do I do while I am waiting? It seems like forever before I'll be able to start.

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  3. by   essarge
    Have you thought about adding a minor to your major? This would fill up your time and keep your financial aid up to date.
  4. by   TeresaRN2b
    My dh makes a little too much money to qualify for grants and I already have a substantial amount of student loans so I don't want to take out any more. So taking more classes than I have to right now is really not an option.

  5. by   BrandyBSN
    how about taking a couple days, going to a local hospital, and asking if you can "shadow" (follow around) a nurse for a shift or two in a couple areas that you might be interested in working when you graduate? I shadowed in L&D, OR, ER, ICU, and since i have worked Med Surg as a CNA before, i knew what went on there. It will help take some of the anxiety you might be feeling away, give you a real look at what nurses do, and it might give you some insight into what you want to do after you graduate.

    Hope you have a good time!