For those of u that took Chem and A&P...

  1. I will be going back to school starting in the summer after a 7-year lay off...

    Over the summer I have to take 2 courses which are either: CHEM 1 and 11 or A&P 1 and 11...

    I know either is going to be really tough over the summer, my question though is...

    Which would u take first? The Chem's this summer than A&P in the fall? Or the other way around? The nursing advisor suggested the Chem's...

    My only concern is that I know nothing about chemistry, it'll be my first class in 7 years and I am not a good math student...

    If any one has any advice, I'd most appreciate it. I would rather no hear discouraging words however as I already know it will be really really tough. I have no choice, I have to take one or the other, I'm just wondering which would be best to start with. Thank you ALL
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  3. by   kcsun3
    I would start with the chemistry classes - it will give you the foundation needed for understanding the chemistry side of physiology.

    And don't worry - you'll do great!

  4. by   meribelle
    I second that, Chemistry would be best taken first, before the A&P's.

    Good Luck
  5. by   TCW
    I would start with the chemistry classes too! I am not very good in math (used to be, but forgot a lot). I took Chem last semester and managed to get a B in the class. I have A&P I this semester & it is a lot more manageable for me. Overall, it is a decision that is based on what you feel are your strong points.

  6. by   Marialeah
    You are going to do just fine! I had never earned a grade better then a C in any of my science courses during high school or college, until I decided to go back to school to be a nurse. I suppose that desperately hating my current job and having to pay for my classes myself ( no more Daddy to bail me out!) motivated me to study enough to get A's in every single class -while working full time. I was VERY worried about Chemistry and although it wasn't easy I was able to do it. There are usually free tutors at the school and free help on the internet. When you are done, you are going to feel so relieved and proud of yourself!
  7. by   babynursewannab
    I did the exact same thing as Marialeah. I was average before and have returned after a 9 year break from college and now -- after 2 years back in school have a 4.0 gpa.

    I think you should take the class you think interests you most since it will be your first upon return. I took Anatomy & Physiology last summer (the whole year's worth) and loved every second of it -- I handled the chemistry part just fine and I stunk at chemistry previously in life. I'm taking my chemistry now...not loving it, but doing well. I really, REALLY believe you need to take the class you're most interested in. It will keep your momentum up.
  8. by   kimtab
    I agree- take the Chem first and don't worry- you'll do fine. I was 5 years out of college and at least 7 years away from the last math class I took when I had Chem. I did great. The math is basic algebra, no biggy. I think having the chem first is definitely a help with A&P.

  9. by   wsiab
    Agree with babynursewannab, do what interests you the most and what you think will be easier for you to handle over the summer. Either will be difficult to do over the summer, but can be done. Is Chem a prereq for A&P at you school, that will give you an idea of whether chem is needed for the class.

    I did A&P over the summer, better match for me, I knew more about it to begin with...can be done. It's all I did that summer, but that is to be expected with any science courses done in 8 weeks.

    I don't remember chem being necessary for A&P, but I would recommend taking it before microbiology (it was recommended but not required to take chem first at my school, I took them together and found at the end of the semester that micro would have been a lot easier for me if I knew what I learned at the end O-Chem at the beginning of the semester....Just a thought, if that factor's into your long term plan at all.
  10. by   WildBill
    I would take the chemistry classes first. You may find you enjoy it although it is difficult. Just stay on top of your reading material. Good Luck
  11. by   mario_ragucci
    This may sound wigged out, but I am quite sincere, and it may help you out in chemistry, as it did me. I asked myself the questions "what makes a atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb so powerful?" Then I read as much as I could to figure out the physics behind it. I finally understood the theory. Then when I took the chemistry class, I could relate to atoms and what is going on.
    Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it helped this nursing student. Good luck with both A&P and chemistry.

    "she blinded me with science"
  12. by   old-master
    I very much enjoyed biochem. It allowed me to see the world a new way. Kind of like Neo on the Martix.
    I agree with Mario, being curious about ATP,ion bonds, fusion, and fission and the formation of every living thing is a powerful thing!
    I was blown away about the way things really are. As Yoda says: "Not this crude matter."

    So, enjoy and be prepared to learn!
    old-master has spoken....
  13. by   Hopilynn
    My advice would be take a recent Biology class that includes Glycolysis, Kreb cycle, etc. You will need to memorize it for your physio class. Chemistry is a must before physio as it involves alot of chemistry knowledge. Take it slow and Good Luck!
  14. by   jewelsvu82

    take intro to chem first. if you don't know anything about chem.
    b/c A&P has alot of chemistry in it