1. I am considering going back for my masters, debating FNP vs. CNM programs. I am leaning more towards the CNM program, but there doesn't seem to be much of a demand out here, maybe I am just looking in the wrong places. Any input? Does anyone know anything about the programs at UCSF or know anything about the job market for either out here? I got their brochure in the mail and am putting in a request for more information/application packet, taking the GRE this summer.
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  3. by   jenn71
    I have looked into various advanced degree fields and I agree that CNM's are not as well known/utilized as FNP's. However, I believe that as time goes on things will change. Here are some sites I found helpful for CNM info.


    Of course the AACNM is a good place for info. too.
  4. by   Bonnie Blue
    FYI, Vanderbilt University offers a dual CNM/FNP program.
  5. by   Soon2BNP

    I have actually been accepted to UCSF's MEPN program to become an Occupational Health NP. The job market for FNPs in the SF Bay Area is not great (plus it is super expensive to live out here). There are a lot of FNP programs out here and the market is a bit saturated unless you either take 2 part-time jobs or specialize more (ie Geriatric, Occ Health, Neonatal). On the plus side UCSF is a great school and really rated highly.