First week of Chemistry - page 2

I am taking Chemistry over the summer and it's kicking my butt. The professor talks so much he goes off of the subject. When he does calculations I don't understand a thing. Once I read, I understand... Read More

  1. by   marilynmom
    I am taking Chemistry this summer as well and so *far* I am doing well, we had a quiz the other day and some lecture quizzes already as well.

    One thing I MAKE SURE I do is read the chapter once or twice before class. Do you guys use the ChemSkills CDs? If not get one, I am using one and it has really helped me and it runs about $20-$25 We are actually required to have them at my school and all our homework is from that and submitted electronically. I think anymore a lot of schools use them.

    I just make sure I put in the time studying no matter how tired I am or get. I have 2 little kids so the only time I can study is at night after they are in bed so a lot of times I am up till 1am (or sometimes later with my other classes as well).

    I also do a lot of the questions in the book, etc I also use index cards a lot. One important thing with Chem is you cant just memorize terms, you have to know how to apply them and how things work.

    Good luck you are not alone! I find some aspects of Chem really interesting and fascinating and I love it and other parts not so

  2. by   sitterwoman
    One thing I do when I get stuck in a class is go to the library or the bookstore and get a couple of books on the same subject. Often other books will emphasize different things and fill in the holes that your book or professor might not cover so well. But I agree that going to a tutor is a good idea.