First Semester Nursing Program Jitters - page 2

2 long years of prerequisites and preparation. Two years of feeling like it was a lifetime away. It is finally reality. In 5 days I start. Associates program to become a RN. I am so nervous, I am... Read More

  1. by   malenurse354
    I know how it feels if others are expecting too much from you, but as much as possible, don't stress out yourself too much meeting their expectations, it's not healthy...I know they can understand you, anyway what you're doing is not just for yourself but for them as well! Since nursing is a very demanding course , it's expected that you really have to make sacrifices. Always look at the brighter side every time you encounter difficulties in your studies. Good luck to you and wishing you all the luck
  2. by   dragonflyzgmy
    I feel EXACTLY the same way. I start my first semester on Monday and my anxiety is going through the roof. Something good to keep in mind though: "Whether you think you can, or think you can''re right." -Henry Ford
  3. by   Llawver
    Hi, all. I am in my second semester so I've been where you're all at and guess what...I survived I have a 3 and 5 yr old who I constantly have to say "I can't play now...mommy's gotta work". I felt really bad and sometimes I still do. But when I start feeling that way I try to focus on the big picture. They are the reason I'm doing this. To give them the life they deserve. If you don't mind a little bit of advice.... 1-) Don't focus too much on the AP part of the chapters. Most of the test questions apply directly to the nursing process. 2-) It's sometimes just not possible to read all of your assigned chapters but at least try to skim them before lecture. 3-) All programs are different...what I have to get to pass is a 77 or above. Don't get too fixated on achieving a specific letter grade because you'll drive yourself absolutely insane. During pre-reqs I was a steady 4.0 and in the nursing program.....2.5. I passed and that's all that counts. 4-) Do not compare your performance or grades to others! A colleague of mine was always achieving high 80s on her tests and it made me feel inferior. However, she is 19, lives with her parents and has much more time to dedicate to studying. I myself have to juggle a job, two little kids, and a household. Just focus on doing the best you can do...and don't get discouraged. Good luck to you all