First exam...think i messed up

  1. We had our first exam in Nursing Fundamentals tonight and while I studied like crazy I still think I did poorly. First of all, there was an error on our syllabus (yeah, the one that it was so frigin important that we go to orientation to get!) and we did not find out about it until last week. So that meant that the 5 or 6 chapters I had been focusing on were useless in the sense that they were totally incorrect for exam 1. Basically, we were told these are the right chapters, read these...that's life so sad too bad. Okay, so maybe not the exact quote.

    Anyway, it turns out that the exams will be NCLEX style, which I think is great actually because it'll prepare us for the actual exam. My question is: Can anyone recommend a good NCLEX style study guide or book that would help me better prepare for my exams?


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  3. by   AppyHorseFan
    hello tonya,
    first of all, i bet you did better than you think on the exam. please be sure and let us know how it did go. secondly, regarding nclex review books...there are many out on the market. i have purchased the saunders review, mosby's review, and kaplans. i really like the saunders book, with mosby's second. kaplans doesn't have near the number of questions and i wouldn't suggest purchasing it until you are closer to taking the actual exam. it has some good strategies to taking the test, which might help you with your classes, if you have time to read it on top of your regular studies. there is also a lippincott's nclex review book, that has a huge number of practice questions in it. i plan on purchasing this one after i get my pell/loan money in.

    i hope this helps. good luck to you. you are in my thoughts and prayers. remember "i can do anything i set my mind to."

  4. by   GPatty
    I have Davis, Saunders and Mosbys too.
  5. by   Mkue
    Our first fundamental exam was NCLEX style also, pick the best answer. Some of the students were not used to this style.

    I have a Mosby's book and CD, very helpful. I agree with the above poster, you may have done better than you think Let us know