First Day of Not-Nursing School

  1. The nursing school I want to attend is at a community college which I have never attended before. So, while I'm finishing up my AA at my local CC, I signed up for this class at the CC which has the nursing school.

    I have a list of looks-good-on-your-nursing-school-application classes. Two points for Sociology and and five points for whatever, etc. Nothing that has anything directly to do with nursing but the nursing school would like you to have at least SOME of them before you apply, along with your pre-reqs. (Ya know what I'm talking about?)

    So I signed up for anything that seemed easy and would get me started on my way up the admission ladder. (I already know I won't have a high enough perm number to get into Anatomy for at least 2-3 semesters.) It's a 'how to study' course.

    WELL, my instructor was the nursing school counselor for years! And she is close, personal friends with the current nursing school counselor! And she is truly excited that an 'older woman' is shooting for nursing school! We had such a great, long talk after class.

    THEN I got in my car and thought, "On my god, she is the first instructor I have to impress!" I not only have to do very well in this class (and it's not the snap I thought it was going to be, but it's hardly going to take a tremendous amount of work), I have to do with with 'wisdom, age, and grace', which surely a woman my age should have -- and which I don't! :roll Oh god, 'fake it until you make it'. :roll

    So how is everyone else doing in THEIR new classes??
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  3. by   JudithL_in_NH

    It sounds as if you're on your way, AND you've made a great contact! I'd agree that you should do well in this class and make a good impression on this teacher, and she may well end up being a valuable reference for nursing admission as well as a great introduction to the world of nursing.

    I started A&P I this weekend. Nice instructor who doesn't seem like she's out to "get" us, as I've heard many complain about. She seems interested in helping us to be successful, though the quantity of work to cover is enormous and she went at a pace I could just keep up with on Saturday. I plan to really keep on top of this course, as if one falls behind, it must be nearly impossible to catch up. I am awaiting an admissions interview and *hope* to be in this school's ADN program in the fall. This is the first course I've taken there as well. Most of my pre-reqs are covered by studies at another institution.

    BTW, I'm an 'older" woman, too (46)!

    Best of luck to you as you continue your studies!
  4. by   essarge
    Best of luck to both of you! When I first started, as an "older" student, all of the instructors stated (in one way or another) that they had great expectations of me. Pressure anyone? Finally I just did what I could do and am doing fine. Don't pressure what you can do!