First A&P exam a flop!!! - page 2

:o I got my tests back this evening. My lecture exam I got a 66%. I really thought I did better than that. This test covered the cell, RNA/DNA, molecules etc. One good thing is we get to drop the... Read More

  1. by   nursing 101
    Well Colleen and Ashe,
    My school has Anatomy (1 class) and Physio (1 class) it's like A & P 1&2 combined. So that's the same thing for me. We had our test monday on 7 chapters after 2 weeks of school! Cells, DNA, Tissues, let's not forget the Chemistry part of it! So I have another testin anatomy on the same chapters I don't even feel like opening the book as I sense that I will get more confused. Since I have my test tomorrow mornign I will just wake up at 4 review for 2 hours and leave at 7... My test is at 10 but I have other classes with quizes and so on. Who said school was easy?