Financial Aid for Spring admits?

  1. I have a quick question, I will be applying to a BSN program as a second degree student (this program is not an accelerated program) for Spring 2010 admission. I know I'm ineligible as a 2nd degree student for grants and such but I really want to avoid taking out loans if possible. Does anyone know if schools typically offer scholarship opportunities for Spring admits? The deadlines I see on the website are usually April-ish so I am assuming this is for students who are accepted for Fall admissions. Do schools revise this over the course of the Fall for Spring admits to apply for scholarships? I feel like I'm a very strong candidate not only for acceptance but also for scholarships (if they are available). I have a fall back ADN program I can pay out of pocket if I can't get the scholarship assistance at the BSN level.

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  3. by   tfleuter
    Hmm, good question! Best bet is to go to the school of interest and find out directly from them. I would think each has its own way of doing things. Good luck and I hope you can get some assistance!
  4. by   picurn10
    check out Physicians manpower: it provides scholarships and matching grants to students who agree to work in a nursing shortage area, which are typically any big city or rural area. Also, in my city all the big hospitals will let you sign a contract once you have your acceptance letter for tuition assistance. Many will pay 100% in exchange for you working for them for a year or two following graduation. The VA here pays for all your school, books, and a laptop in exchange for two years of work. There are some great alternative ways to fund your education when you go into nursing!