Final Quarter

  1. hey all!

    i am now finally in my last quarter of nursing school. i may be graduating june 11th (i can't say for sure because i can't believe they're gonna actually let me graduate lol). i'm excited but also stressed at this quarter will be the toughest so far as far as workload.

    we have four, count 'em, four formal papers to do not to mention other projects (posters, resumes, etc.). three of the formal papers are scenarios that we have to respond to. for instance the first one is a nightmare staffing issue on a nursing home unit and we have to organize everything as the charge nurse and deal with problem families and employees! my first test is next week but i think it will be fine.

    i'm most worried about clinical because i always am lol. i don't even start clinicals until april 30th so i have to time to get several of the papers done, of course i'm an incorrigible procrastinator which i know does not help things. my clinical consists of three days a week for five weeks in a row. the first three are advanced med/surg on a renal floor with two days on a pediatric floor (i don't like kids, well they're ok..just scared of 'em). the final two weeks is the management practicum in a nursing home and we have to teach cnas, give full med passes, supervise, and making staffing schedules (oh the staff is gonna love me, the student, making their schedules).

    i've arrived this far, i keep telling myself that i can indeed make it to the end and see the fruits of my labor. i just still worry that something horrible will happen and i will fail or have to leave the program! i'm kinda pessimistic huh...i probably should do those 3x5 affirmation cards...but who's got the time to write 'em out?

    anyway, just thought i would update you folks on what's going on. i hope everyone who is in their final quarter/semester is successful and getting and more and more excited as the day of culmination draws near!

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    z, hello and welcome back to the board!

    indeed, you have arrived to this point and you will continue do fine. i wish you all the best in your last quarter and with clinical.

    are you still interested in community/mission work as a nurse?

  4. by   zacarias

    Good to see you. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I will remember the people that are rooting for me should I get stressed.
    Yes I'm still very much interested in community work. My ultimate goal is primary care for immigrants and/or disenfranchised folks. It's gonna take a while but someday I'll get there.
    So how are things going for you? Things going well?

  5. by   peaceful2100
    Zach, good luck. You can do it just keep looking down the tunnel at the light.

    As far as kids they can be a little scary for some people but many kids can be just as easy as adults as far as cooperation and all. Find out if bubbles are allowed on the peds unit. If so get some bubbles and take with you. Young kids LOVE bubbles and from past experience of working as a tech at a pediatric hospital and with my own daughter it generally helps with calming them down before you begin doing what you need to do.

    As far as the management clinical. I have done that already at the beginning of the semester. IT is not too bad expect it made me realize that I don't think I would ever want to do nursing management but then again never say never.

    You will survive. We ALL will if we believe!!!!
  6. by   TinyNurse
    Hey Zach
    I'm Jenni, and I'm also in my final quarter. I'll graduate June 13th!!
    It does seem like this last quarter is jam packed with stuff to do.
    I'm in my psych quarter, but we have this transitions class where we have like management presentations, and resumes.
    I think i'll do my presentation with powerpoint, and i did my resume last quarter thankfully.
    my first exam was last Friday, I don't get my grade until Wednesday.
    I have clinicals for 2 days a week at different behavioral agencies, , class the other three. At the end of the quarter I have a 40 hour preceptorship to do. Thankfully I get to wear scrubs rather than the ugly uniform.
    I'm thankful to be here, and just feeling really giddy about graduation. I can't wait!!!
  7. by   zacarias
    Originally posted by peaceful2100
    Zach. Young kids LOVE bubbles and from past experience of working as a tech at a pediatric hospital and with my own daughter it generally helps with calming them down before you begin doing what you need to do.

    Thanks for the bubbles idea. I will have to look into that and see if it's allowed. I want the kids to like me! hehe
    You're so right...we CAN do it if we just believe in ourselves. It will happen for us .

  8. by   zacarias
    Nice to meet you. Wow, it sounds like you have a really busy quarter too. We had psych a couple quarters ago. How do you like it? It's very different from floor nursing. I don't think I'll ever work in that environment.
    Do you have a job lined up already? Some people I know are gonna keep working where they are now. I'm thinking of going out of state so I may have a couple months off before I start a new job as a nurse. We'll see! Right now, I'm just focusing on actually passing!