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my school breaks each semester into 2 8-week courses, so I just finished the first class of the second year (of 2 year program). So we studied, stressed, passed it, and passed clinical. 2 people... Read More

  1. by   llg
    While it is "unfair" to those of you who passed the test honorably, the school is doing the right thing and you have a professional obligation to support them in their efforts to protect the public by ensuring the integrity of their testing process. You should direct your anger at the students who compromised the integrity of test -- not at the nurses who are trying to ensure that the graduates of their program are truly qualified to be nurses. Anyone who knew that people were cheating who did not expose them sooner are also responsible for the pain that the honest students are having to endure. Be angry at them, to.

    There is no room in nursing for cheaters. Nor is there room for people who ignore it. As painful as it may be for you now, it is part of the price you must pay for joining a profession that is given so much responsibility for the well-being of others.
  2. by   mb1949
    Well said, there is a very good reason why we have to cram all this information into our brains, we have to know it. Nursing is a profession that commands respect, but with that respect comes enormous responsibility
  3. by   TazziRN
    So.....what would you have them do, let it slide?

    In 1988, back when the NCLEX was offered twice a year nationwide and applicants had to report to central testing stations for the two-day marathon, the first session that year was cancelled at the last minute because one box of tests arrived on a truck at a testing station opened with one test booklet missing. Because of the this the session was cancelled for every applicant in the United States and postponed until another test could be put together. There was no proof that it was stolen to cheat, but no chances were taken.

    I think the school did the right thing invalidating the final and having everyone retake it. Even if it had the same questions, the cheaters will not do as well because they cheated on the first one and probably don't know the answers as well as they should. Sorry the honest ones got punished along with the cheaters, but that's a part of bad apple (or two, or three) does indeed have the potential of spoiling the whole bunch.