feeling so beaten down

  1. I am first year student, and i started nursing school last year. I was very excited and motivated about it, up untill the end my first samester, when every thing i though couldnt go wrong went wrong. Well, after i started my clinicals, i was so overwhelmed with paper work let alone study that it took a toll on me. I made it through first samester but i unfortunately failed my med surg class on my second samester. I did pass it on my second try. However this summer when i was ready to jump into my clinicals, i failed my math calc, even though iam good with calcl and never had problems. I feel now as though i am not as samrt as i though i was or nurisng is too hard. are there any ideas or tips that can help?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I moved your post to the General Nursing Student Discussion so that you get the most relevant responses. Good luck to you, yasmin.
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    with math, calculations - it helps to keep practicing as much as possible, and learn the formulas


    the material of the nursing courses - isn't that it's hard, it's more that there is so much of it, so many details to remember(I find that learning helpful mnemonics, or making up my own mnemonics or mental images helps me remember things, and memorizing somethings, and "repetition stamps in", and make up self-tests)

    all the best to you
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