Feeling sick to my stomach

  1. Please comment. Heres the situation, I got the clinical award for a particular class. They gave the award out the day that our final paper was submitted. Prior to this I was having a serious case of senioritis. All I cared about was getting the grade I needed to pass the class and graduate. I know that sounds terrible and its not usually like me. Anyway, I did not feel I put my best into my paper....not at all. Honestly, I did not even proof read it (eek, thats embarassing to admit).Today I went up to get my paper and see my grade and I hear my instructor talking to another. She was comparing the work of two of her students.One was an "A" student and her paper "wasn't bad" but the other student did a great job. Then she said "but now it is too late." Of course I freaked out and I thought "Oh my gosh, she's talking about me and now she regrets that she gave me the clinical award!" When I got my grade, a 93, I felt better. But then during our final conference our instructor commented to the entire group what a great job "Cyndi" did on her paper.... and she did not realize until now all the work this girl put in at her clinical. Now don't think I was a shlep, I did alot of good stuff too and I know my preceptors really liked me and thought I helped out alot. It s just that my paper wasn't great. Do you think I should ask my instructor if she would like to give the award to someone else or do you think I am being paranoid. This instructor does teach a few other classes so she could have been talking about someone else but I have this sick feeling in my stomach that she was talking about me. What would you do?

    - Mia
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  3. by   larae09
    It wouldn't hurt to go and talk to the teacher though. Let her know what you heard and ask her if she has a problem with your paper. It might at least put your mind at ease. I don't know what I would do if I was in your shoes but that is an option.

  4. by   fergus51
    How is 93 not great? Take the award and stop stressing about this. Be proud of yourself and let go of the angst.
  5. by   pkmom
    I would go and talk to the prof about it. It will put your mind at ease and probably take care of that tummy ache too. I would hate to keep thinking about that for a long, long time.