Feeling down about my 2nd exam...

  1. Hey guys,

    I could use some advice. I'm in my first semester of NS and feeling a bit down today. I just found out I received a 76 on my Fundamentals Exam. Passing for nursing courses is a 78. This is our second exam. I did awesome on the first one, and I THOUGHT I did awesome on this one as well. When I was taking the exam, I only had 4 questions that I had to narrow it down to two answers and pick the best one. The rest of the questions, I THOUGHT I knew 100%. I guess not.

    I felt really prepared for it, too. My study methods right now are reading all required chapters BEFORE lecture, and after lectures I read through the chapters again while typing up my own study guides on important points. I also practice NCLEX style review questions. I also study a couple hours each day (more if I have an exam), instead of cramming a couple days before.

    I feel like I know the information like the back of my hand, but it's the critical thinking questions that get me.. I really think my problem is over-thinking too much.

    Anyone know of any good websites (or books) where I can practice more critical-thinking/NCLEX type questions? Did anyone else feel this way when they first started taking nursing exams? Please tell me it gets better!
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  3. by   Blessed S.N.23
    Dont Beat on yourself about it! I know exactly how u feel! Earlier this week I made a thread on Here about being overwhelmed! Nursing is alot of work and is time consuming! You definately have to put in that overtime! Im also in my first year of nursing school and its so much memorization but I just stay focused and determined and that helps alot! Just make sure you pass the final because thats based on if you make the grade in the class! My advice is just relax and dont be hard on yourself! This is just the beggining and you have so much more to look foward to and learn! One of my study tips is to make flash cards, sticky notes, and highlight the whole chapter and keep this pattern up! Test are never easy but if you develop good critical thinking skills and test taking strategies then you are bound to see some improvement in those test grades! Good Luck and just do better on the next up n coming exams!!
  4. by   AOx1
    Try "fundamentals success" and "test success" books. Both ship two-day for free with Amazon prime student.
  5. by   DreamyEyes
    ^Thank you! I just ordered the Fundamentals Success book, and it should come this weekend.