Feeling a little stress with work & school

  1. i'm just about to complete level i in lvn school and i'm also working full time not to mention. i have to drive 25 miles to work at 330am.. then get off at 230 or so to drive about 30 miles to school... i currently work at a dialysis clinic for a large company, and there is a closer clinic just about 5 miles away. i love a particular employee and am extremely attached to a few of my patients. my boss is making my life hell . i think that she forgets what it is like to be in nursing school.

    i guess what i am asking is, is a high stress level over all worth staying??? i have no issues transferring, the other boss at the closer clinic would love to have me asap! not to mention is closer to home and school!
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  3. by   elby812
    If I were you I would try to minimize your stress levels as much as possible right now, i.e. reducing drive time. You've got to take care of yourself. I'm sure your patients and fellow employee would understand. And then maybe when you're done with school you could go back.
    Good luck and take care!
  4. by   madascanbeRNtobe

    I would switch too. Nursing school does involve sacrifices. This will have to be one of them.

  5. by   akai6
    yea... less stress the drive is actually 25 miles as compared to 3... 7 minutes or 30.... it is going to be ultra hard but you know, its for the best. and thanks.... nursing school does involve lots of sacrice, including my sanity. but not this much.

    this would save me so much money on gas and plus i could go home for lunch!! yay!
  6. by   amyk_ncsu
    sounds like you have made your own decision! good luck!
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    no doubt. TG I live 10 mins, door to floor, from my job....if I had to go through traffic, drive 30 mins, make all the lights...I'd go nuts. Plus our town is seperated by a river from the hospital, so there's only really one bridge for anyone to go to the other side of town in town....what a drag.
    School gets to you that's for sure...you know it when you make 5 days worth of meals, and eat them in 3....lol.