Feel myself changing......

  1. I started at a Community College here last summer doing my prerequistes for the ADN program. I had just turned 44 and wasn't sure I was going to be able to do the "science" stuff. I've never been to college before and the idea of chemistry and A&P scared the heck out of me.
    I found that summer that chemistry was fun, basically math due to the formula's. My first semester of A&P1 was horrible! Thank goodness I had plenty of English, Psychology, and Communications classes at the time or ALL my confidence would have been blown.
    This semester A&P2 is hard, but I'm "getting it" and I love the feeling. I can actually HELP someone with the material for the class! Me!!!
    What I was wondering was is anyone else feel like they are "morphing" (best word I could think of) as they go through their classes? I'm not even in the RN program yet, but I've changed so much already!
    It's like I don't feel like I need to apologize for taking a seat in class....heck no! I have a right to be there and I have a right to have decent teachers instruct us on the materials. I have even done the no-no of stating that I didn't understand something in class once, even though the instructor was pizzed. Duh, that's why we're paying for the class and he's supposed to be teaching it. lol
    I've always been a people pleaser and doormat. Not anymore! My husband thinks it's wonderful and says that it's about time. I'm shocked at how good it feels to know that I have a brain that works and I have opinions and sometimes my ideas are good ones!
    Does anyone know what I mean? Have you changed while going through classes?
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  3. by   RNConnieF
    Welcome to the wonderful world of adult learning There have been studies that show that adult students have moved past "task learning" into "reflective" learning; understanding how the topic being learned fits into the student's life and position within the chosen profession. You feel morphed because you have morphed. Congratulations
  4. by   2amigos
    Thanks Connie! I wasn't sure I made any kind of sense. It's just neat to feel the internal changes and you want to try to explain and explore those changes, but it's difficult to explain them. Thanks for replying!!!
  5. by   laurainaz
    I know exactly what you mean...when I first started my pre-reqs I wasn't sure I would ever really "get" what was going on. Now I am a second semester student in a 4 semester program, and I actually get it!!! It's so awesome to take care of a pt and know what is happening in their body, and why, and what could happen next and what to do to try and fix it. I feel such a more confident student now than I was back then.
  6. by   babynursewannab
    Way to go sista'!

    That's exactly what I found happened upon my return to school after many, many years out.

    We tend to appreciate it quite a bit more and therefore get more out of it. Keep it up! You rock!
  7. by   silvermoon
    Keep that feeling Cheryl. Isn't it great.

    I've just done a profile for a Adult Learners Week pamphlet that says what you're feeleing.

    All the fun of being a student with enough experience of life not to be worrying about what everyone else thinks.

    Hope your morphing continues.

  8. by   2amigos
    Thanks Nina! I'd love to see your pamphlet!
  9. by   SN Gone Crazy
    Hi! To All

    I know exactly how you all feel. Especially after I just had my midterm evaluation last week. My instructor told me I was doing great and that I have the nursing process down pat. She said most of the other students', in my clinical, outcomes were not realistic, but mine were perfect. She said I was going to make an excellent nurse because I have all the qualities of a caring nurse, which was the big ego booster I needed to feel more confident about what I was doing.

    I Know God Will Not Give Me More Than I Can Handle. I Just Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much. _ Mother Theresa
  10. by   SingingNurse2
    I needed to read this, thanks! I am going to be going back this fall after many years and have been stressing about taking the anatomy classes since they were difficult when I was 18, but I know I will have a lot of experience and better study habits this time around to help. I hope it "clicks" for me too. Good luck to you!
  11. by   KimRN03
    I have a Bachelor's degree already and I can tell you when I went back to school to get my ADN it means so much more to me then when I went to school the first time. School now is more about learning and becoming the best nurse I can be rather then partying and making friends. I am getting so much more academically out of my ADN program. Continued success to you! Enjoy the learning process you will love the Nursing classes.
  12. by   Hidi74
    OOHHH I am right there w/ you. I am sitting in the first row of every class asking question after question and loving every minute of it!!!! To me it's the pride I feel doing it, that makes the difference.
  13. by   Katnip
    Just wait until you get to your nursing courses. All this stuff you're learning now will really click. It's a great feeling.
  14. by   2amigos
    I can hardly wait! I went to order the RN notes that had been recommended on this site and was hesitating. I realized that it was another mental roadblock that I had to deal with. Ordering the book symbolized, for me, the all out effort on my behalf of becoming a nurse. It's like part of me was holding back, just in case I couldn't make it through the science courses. I'd had a rough time in A&P 1 partly due to a lousy instructor and partly because I didn't get tutoring because I thought I could just do it on my own-wrong. Somehow I passed, but learned very little. After starting A&P 2 and not doing well on the first test, I signed up for weekly tutoring and have actually had the top grade in the class for the last three tests........me! go figure!!
    Anyway, once I realized that I needed to get rid of the emotional safeguard, I bought the book and felt such a burden lift off of me. I had always thought I'd go into social work, but I am so excited at whatever the future will bring me. I have no idea what field of nursing I will find myself drawn to, but I have no doubt that I WILL find my niche. What an awesome feeling it is.
    I thank all of you that have responded to my post and it's wonderful to "see" that it's not just me. All of you are such a gift to everyone when you post. It's comforting to read of others going through all different feelings, situations, and phases of their schooling......I live vicariously through many of the posts. I have shed tears over some of what people are going through and celebrated with others. Thank you all!
    Cheryl Moore