Federal Student Loan Rate at 3.46% interest

  1. The new interest rate for Stafford student loans for the coming school year-3.46% the lowest so far to date! I think my rate last year was 5.14 but I can't remember off hand-BUT this is sure better

    So far I've got enough grant money for next school year cross-my-fingers so hopefully I won't need to borrow.

    Just thought I'd pass along the good news
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  3. by   meownsmile
    I also heard they were lowering the rates on school loans, but in the course of a research paper for a Pol. Sci class there is also legistlation in committee now that would raise the rates on any consolidated government loans after graduation. So i guess it is either have a lower intrest rate on the loans and have two payments,, or consolidate the school loans and make one payment with larger intrest rates. It isnt right, but the government will get ya one way or another.
    The bill for increasing the consolidation rates hasnt passed yet as far as i know,, but just thought id throw this out there FYI.