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Hi, In the area where I live there are a bunch of accelerated BSN-MSN programs. Two of them have the students transit to the MSN portion of the program after only a few months of hospital or... Read More

  1. by   belladelicious
    Quote from AnnaN5
    All of the acclerated BSN programs I have been looking into are 3-4 semesters with no break and 18-20 credits each semester so you are taking at the minimum 60 credits of nursing classes. So pretty much you are taking the same classes as traditional BSN students, it is just packaged into a shorter time frame. You have to have all of the anatomy, phys, chemistry, biology, etc classes done before you can begin the programs.
    Anna, I was talking about the accelerated MSN programs, not the BSN programs.
  2. by   AnnaN5
    Quote from belladelicious
    Anna, I was talking about the accelerated MSN programs, not the BSN programs.
    Yeah I know you were talking about the MSN programs but then you said: "How can you be taking the same things that we took while getting our bsn? I understand all the pre-reqs probably don't have to be taken...but how can 2 years of nursing school plus the experience the bsn students are expected to have before entering grad put into 1 year?"

    So that is why I commented on how the acclerated BSN programs work. You are pretty much just condensing the BSN nursing courses into roughly one year then you do the MSN program in 2 years just like anyone else.
    And like 275 Main said, the schools that offer these direct entry MSN programs also offer them to traditional BSN students not just the accelerated BSN students.