Failing Nursing 4

  1. I'm in N4 and failing. Previous semesters were fine, I have B in N1, and high C's in N2 and N3. I am soooo discouraged. I study for at least five hours a day, all weekend, read the book, read care plan book, read the prentice hall study guide for med surg, and for some reason I just can't get my grade up! The teachers won't help, I have asked over and over what I am doing wrong, and they just keep giving me the same advice.. study groups, practice questions.. and I DO THAT! Is N4 just that much harder than other semesters??? My ave is 63 right now, and there is one more exam and the final. Teachers are recommending withdrawl, which has to be done by this thursday, I don't understand WHY this is the only available advice. Is it possible to bring that grade up? I need some encouragement, only nursing students get it, my family is supportive but they aren't nurses or nursing students, so their advice is to keep trying. What to do???? Help!
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  3. by   llg
    I'm sorry that you are having these struggles. But it happens sometimes. What you need to do now is get VERY honest with yourself and practical as you make a decision about your next move.

    Do the math to see if you can realistically expect to bring your grade up. What grades would you have to get on your last exam and final to bring your final grade up to the passing standard? Calculate that number -- and then ask yourself if you can reasonably expect to score that high.

    I suspect that it would take an extraordinary performance on those last 2 tests for you to pass this course -- and that is why the faculty is advising you to withdraw. They are trying to help you by keeping a failing grade off of your permanent transcript. If that is the case, then be sure to read all of the relevant information about withdrawing from a course before you withdraw to be sure you understand the implications of that action.

    If you feel your chances are good that you can score high enough on the last 2 tests to pass ... then you might want to give it a try ... and take the risk that you will not pass the course and have to live with that on your transcript forever. That's up to you.

    But it very well might be in your best interest to withdraw -- and if that's the case, that is what you should do. It's all well and good to say "Don't give up ... Keep fighting to the bitter end ... etc. etc. etc." but if it is mathematically impossible to pass (or so unlikely as to make it virtually impossible), then you would be hurting your chances of becoming a nurse in the long run by continuing. Sometimes it's best to recognize that and retreat -- giving yourself the best chance to succeed at a later date.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
  4. by   Amy2gurl
    I really appreciate the feedback. The grade will be very difficult to pick up.. I just wish I knew what was so different about this semester. It's gotta be the way I'm reading the questions. Right??? I KNOW THE CONTENT! Well, my advisor doesn't have office hours, and the other instructor is sick today so I just have to make my own decision. I still don't get what the negative consequence is to having an F on the transcript. Would it inhibit me from getting into another school? I already have an associates in liberal arts and a BA from another school, and an LPN certificate, so this F would be one tiny part of about 10 years of post high school education. why would I not want to risk it? Just so I can understand. Thanks for the support.
  5. by   llg
    Some nursing schools will not accept a student who has failed a nursing class at another school. Some would look at the withdrawal differently. (Some, but not all.) Also, your own school may look at a withdrawal differently than a fail. They may let you repeat the course if you withdraw, but not if you fail. You'll have to check the exact guidelines at particular schools to find out what their policies are.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Go to your advisor or the dean, and ask if withdrawal would be better for your chances of continuing at a later date. If they inform you that is the case, then take their advice. Don't ruin your chance by trying to do something that is now impossible, that is, if it is now impossible. If necessary, get help figuring the math. Best wishes.
  7. by   nneokill175
    im from your class.
    yes these profs are unreasonable. I believe everyone left in our class right now has the ability to do this.
    anyway i did your calculation for you.
    say you get an 85 on the fourth exam, and assuming you have a 90 quiz average.
    youd need to get a 71 on the final.

    with this being said---take the day to think, and decide

    ps. i was about to go to test review with prof. Cr*** today but shes sick. and you may never find out who i am
    pray for me and everyone in the program, including yourself. we all need it!
    The best of luck to all of us!!!!