Failed NCLEX-PN. Can't take NCLEX-RN?

  1. Hello,

    I'm having hard time understanding my situation with school and NCLEX exams.

    I'm currently enrolled in a 2-year program that provides an associates degree in nursing.

    I'm in my last nursing course before I graduate in May.

    Last summer 2006 I attended our optional LPN course. I passed the course, however failed the NCLEX-PN exam sometime August 2006.

    Nevertheless, I continued my 3rd semester onwards toward getting my chance at NCLEX-RN.

    So here I am. With less than two weeks of me taking HESI, having me eligible to sit down for the NCLEX-RN, my friend calls me and tells me that she read somewhere that if you didn't pass your NCLEX-PN, you can't take the NCLEX-RN. She mentioned that I would first need to pass the NCLEX-PN to be able to take NCLEX-RN. Is this true?

    LPN school was optional for me and even though I passed the course but failed the NCLEX-PN exam, am I really prevented of taking the NCLEX-RN?
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  3. by   Scrubz
    Ask the advisors at your school, they should know what's going on.

    If you were doing LPN-RN I guess it would have made sense to have needed to pass the NCLEX-PN, but if you were doing LPN, then ditched to go do an ASN program then I don't see why you would have needed to already have an LPN licence, therefore I don't see why you would have needed to passed the NCLEX-PN. So my guess would be that you don't have to worry. But I'm not 100% certain, so to be sure I'd ask your dean of nursing or your advisor or someone else who knows more about it.

    Good luck!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Quote from Scrubz
    Ask the advisors at your school, they should know what's going on.
    :yeahthat: Your state board of nursing would be a good source as well.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I was in a 1+1 program in Las Vegas which allowed for taking the NCLEX-PN after the first year of the program. However, if you proceded on to the NCLEX-RN, it didn't matter if you were an LPN or not. I would check with the advisor of your school to see about your situation.