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The highest grade was an 86 and the class average was 72 (passing is 75) 75% failed the test. I'm so upset. Are these typical grades on these type of tests? The test had 45 questions and there are... Read More

  1. by   ~passionateSN~
    I'm in third level and I have to say first level fundamentals was the worst. Everyone failed the first test maybe even the second. It's just all brand new but you will catch on if you study hard and yes it can be brought up. No worries. Just practice nclex style questions and read read read. Not everyone reads in nursing school but I do so I don't miss any little piece of information. Good luck!
  2. by   Melodies of Legend
    I would make an appointment with the teacher and ask for study tips. Tell your instructor how you study for the class, how long you are expected to study (most teachers will not sugarcoat it for you), if you go over the material the same day it was taught (waiting a couple days usually makes it harder). Ask her how much you should study out of the book vs the class lecture. Most books have practice problems in them-have you gone over yours? Ask if you can review your test and explain how you got the answer and learn why the correct answer was the most preferable. In my tests, most answers are not technically wrong, just not the best choice. Ask the students who are doing well for study tips, how long they studied for, what they focused on, ect.

    Here are some things that help me.
    A trick I try to do is make myself 'ready' to take the exam a day earlier so I can spend the day before quizzing myself or in a study group. Try explaining what you think you understand to someone-it'll benefit you as well. I highly recommend recording the lecture so you can write down the little examples and explanations that you might not have time to scribble down during class. Also, try highlighting in different colors that have a specific meaning-like pink for something the teacher said would definitely on the test, yellow for definitions, green for things that need to be memorized by going over it a lot, ect. Try not to just know things, focus on understanding how they are used in real life situations. When you get down with a slide or paragraph, try to envision how you would apply it in real life. If your class is like mine, you need to understand the logic behind what you need to know. Understanding logical things is SO much easier than trying to memorize a bunch of random things. Make notes on your notes.

    Hope this helps!
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