Extremely Dizzy

  1. My daughters sweet 16 is next weekend. My mom, 'Grandma', was going to fly here to NY from TN. She's not coming. After trip to ER because of dizziness she found out she has diabetes. They think inner ear infection but nothing they give her helps. Normally very active, she can't even go to the grocery store. When the dizziness started a couple of weeks ago she was very confused along with it. Didn't know her b-day or anything. Nothing helps the dizziness. If it is the ear, why the confusion? I wish I was closer. Husbands family is here in NY. Mine are in Fl, Ga, Tn, In. It stinks being far from family..............
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  3. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    It is my understanding that inner ear infections aren't treatable with antibiotics and must run their course. Unfortunately, the dizziness can last for months. :stone
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    With the confusion, it sounds like Meniere's (sp?) disease. I had a close friend dx'd with it years ago. Similar to ear infection, and a lot of Dr.'s misdiagnose it as one. Can she see an ENT?
  5. by   Altra
    I don't know your mom's age, but bacterial infections in older people frequently present w/altered mental status, rather than the typical fever, etc. Also, with newly diagnosed diabetes, if she's been prescribed meds the dosing may still need to be tweaked, and unstable glucose levels could contribute to dizziness.

    Hugs to you - I'm sure it has to be hard being so far away.
  6. by   Star Trek Nerd
    I had the same symptoms early this year and was scared to death. After two weeks of vertigo I was driving home one day from school and suddenly didn't know where I was. I took so many wrong turns but luckily happened to pass a hospital, so I went to the ER right away and totally freaked. I couldn't even remember my husband's cell phone number. It was scary as hell and I cried myself to sleep in the waiting room. They said it could be Meniere's disease and contacted my hubby to come take me home. After I calmed down and took a long hot bath, I was okay. I think the panic worsened my memory lapse. All my tests were normal and they said it could be calcium buildup in my ear. I was prescribed a diuretic which seemed to help a lot. After 5 weeks and 4 more unproductive visits to Killer Kaiser, the dizziness went away one morning and I was fine.

    I will pray for your mom tonight.