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  1. I had an experience in my community health class this week that made me go "Huh??" On Monday we had an exam. The professor was very vague about what would be on the test, but told us to focus on notes and the book. I studied as much as I could over the weekend and afterwards felt I did okay, but I honestly didn't feel like the things I didn't know were from lack of studying -- they were just weird, random questions. Lots of other people in my class felt the same way, but I didn't think much of it. After taking the test we went over the answers, and she gave us a chance to "appeal" test questions. We could present our case to her by email by the next morning and she would consider throwing out questions. She wound up throwing out so many that the class went from 3 A's to 33 A's. I gained 7 points, personally, and know some that gained more than 12!

    Before I go on, let me say that I am in an accelerated program, but because of faculty shortages this quarter, I am taking some classes (i.e. community) with the traditional students, who take classes in a different order than we do, so there is some material we just haven't learned yet in our curriculum, and vice versa.

    So Tuesday morning I get online and I saw the test grades were posted. She typed up a "commentary" that stated what questions she threw out and why. The first bullet said "Since the accelerated students haven't learned about TB yet in their curriculum I threw all the TB questions out."

    One thought came to mind: why was I tested on material that was not covered within the scope of the class the test was given in?? I have never heard of such a thing for a regular class exam, and now I feel like there's no way for me to know how to study if she's testing me on things learned throughout the rest of the curriculum.

    Should I get in touch with her and ask her about this, or let it slide?
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  3. by   Thedreamer
    Youre paying to learn these things. It sounds like youre in a bad position. I would most definitely talk to the teacher, see if she can perhaps make a more accurate range of material for you to study per test.

    In my class most of us bought a brand new book last quater (11 weeks ago), and this quarter the school made the new transfer students buy a NEWER updated version of the book. I.e. 5 students out of 24. They also told our professor to teach the NEW book, not the book the other 19 of us have. So we of course protested. Its not fair that we are tested on material from the new book, while they made us purchase a brand new 160$ book last quarter telling us wed be using it till we finished in october, knowing that they were replacing it the next quarter. So we talked to the prof and came to an agreement. She would teach the old book, but we had to write down her lecture notes of the NEW book. Basically she is teaching both books, which works out for us because we are learning alot more and no one is getting left out or penalized for having either book. It however is hard on her to make up the tests fairly using the new books test bank if you can see where I am going with this. (yes i babble hehe)

    I think your teacher has a bit of a task on her shoulders, and is possibly doing her best to test as fairly as she can. Remember shes just like one of us, human, and can easily make mistakes and become overwhelmed. Just be honest and open with her, and she might just return the favor
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    I found community health to be extremely general, nonspecific. Your experience sounds very similar to my classes experience. Since she has already made such drastic adjustments from the previous test, I'd take it and run with it.

    Sometimes giving teachers input just makes things more complicated and difficult.

    Of course, you have do do what you think is best.
    For me, the best is letting the smaller battles slide by.

    And remember community is general knowledge. It covers all courses in one in a way. So somethings you dont study will definatly be on the test.

    Unfair? Maybe. But that's the way that particular course goes.