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For anyone that did not pass exit hesi on their first try and needed to retake it, are the questions the same the second time around? Are they on the same topics?... Read More

  1. by   DeepSouthRN2B
    It turned out that the scores were not adjusted at all, because the question without access to all info needed to answer the question, was a pilot question and didn't count anyway. I made an 885 and will be taking it again. I plan to buy the Hurst Review to prepare for the next HESI.
  2. by   DeepSouthRN2B
    My school requires a 900 to pass. Two attempts are offered in the final semester. If you do not pass, you still graduate, but grades are not released to allow you to register for the NCLEX. After another whole semester of this one class, grades are released, whether you pass or not. It seems to me that putting off the NCLEX another whole semester would lower NCLEX grades even more, because so much time will have passed from regular classes, clinicals, and practicum. I'm looking at it as a godsend, because I will continue to prepare for the HESI and not have a lapse from now 'til the end of the semester when grades would be released anyway and those that passed the first attempt of final HESI may not be as fresh off studying....My glass is half full!
  3. by   nursingstudentbp
    Can anyone tell me how many RN HESI exit exam versions there are? I know for sure that there are 4, but I've heard a small percentage say that there is versions 5,6,7. I know my friends that graduated from another schol only had versions 1-4. I know my school has versions 1-4 as well, but I don't know if they have more than that. I also know that they have retest 1-3 and maybe 4, but I'm not sure.

    I thought v3 was the hardest, and v4 was the easiest. They are supposed to be weighted equally, but they are not. there were only 9 people who passed the v3 from our class.
  4. by   ErinJane
    I just took v.3 and i graduate this coming December. In our program this was just a trial run but the goal was to "benchmark" or get better than a 875. If we didn't they suggested that we take an NCLEX review class our last semester. I believe 1/3 of us did. I barely did with a 906. But according to my program leader we had a pretty good percentage this semester.
  5. by   mia1976
    Has anyone taken V1 or V3 retake?
  6. by   mia1976
    Has anyone take V4 or V5? If so, was it hard....
  7. by   mia1976
    I need help...I failed the hesi three times...:angryfire Now we have to pay an extra 600 dollars for a remediaton class in order to take the hesi two more times...If we dont pass by the fifth time...then either we have to go to the same school and do it all over again which I refuse to do or go to another college...Most of the people that failed are some of the smartest students....It burns me up when a hesi test is holding us back from graduating or taking nclex...We have to make a nine hundred...one of our students made a 899...anyway i cant dwell on the past but just focus on how to pass this fourth time...any suggestions for those of you who had to take V4 or V5....YOur help would greatly be appreciated....