1. Guess what? I made a 100 on my anatomy lab exam today. Whew I am glad that is over. It was over the nerves.

    My question is how is the best way to study for micro and anatomy lecture with each have at least 14 chapters? I have micro tomorrow and the anatomy on Wednesday. I could really use some help in such short notice.
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  3. by   PennyLane
    Congrats on your excellent grade!!

    I don't have any advice, other than hunkering down and studying the heck out of those chapters. Good luck!!
  4. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Well, it doesn't sound like you have time to make flash cards... At this point, just review, review and review....
  5. by   bedpan
    ~Sigh~ - I only made an 86 on my A&P exam today

    Get this tho - Instructor gave us an pretty extensive study guide for the final covering all 24 chapters with an average of about 8 or 9 very broad things from each chapter

    Maybe about 5 out of the 100 questions on the final were covered on the study guide! I would have done much better to have thrown out the study guide and spent all that time just reviewing the material in the book!

    Live and learn huh?
  6. by   Jen2
    Congrats on the grade. Thats great. When I find myself pressed for time to study, I go through my notes, and just read the sections in the book that the professor talked about in class. I had to do this for Anatomy many times and it usually works pretty well. I didn't get an A sometimes but I was always happy with my grade considering the time I put into studying. Best of luck to you.