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I just took my 4th exam for Medsurg 2 and there's a question that keeps lingering on my mind. The question is something about which patient has a higher risk for CAD? These were the choices: ... Read More

  1. by   jade-athyst
    I would have picked DM. The cholesterol answer doesn't give you enough info. HDL cholesterol actually helps combat CAD, and the question doesn't mention which type. Also, high LDL is more easilly treated with meds tha the cardiovascular effects of DM. Good blood sugar control can decrease the risk, but even people with perfect DM control are at a high risk of developing CAD.

    A word of warning: This question is just like many of the questions I faced on the NCLEX, where all the answers seem right. I think the best way to study for the NCLEX is to master critical thinking and prioritizing.

    Best of luck to you, and let us know how you did on the test!
  2. by   Nili927
    Hey everyone! I have news on the exam! The question was disputed by most of the class, it seemed that a large majority of the class was between DM and cholesterol... according to the teacher the correct answer was high cholesterol because of the reference in our textbook. But I'mhappy to say the question was given to us! I got a 90 on the exam and an 85 on the final! I passed the class with a B+!!
  3. by   cherokeesummer
    I would go with DM.
  4. by   ARRR10
    The answer is in the textbook, right?!? or do you have to use your critical thinking skills to know what the answer is? Sorry to ask, because I'll be in med/surg. in the fall and I heard it was really hard...
  5. by   JoniL&DRN
    Quote from Nili927
    I did look it up in my textbook, If any of you have the Medical Surgical Nursing book by Lewis (MOSBY) 6th edition, starting on page 802-804 under modifiable risk factors for CAD the book talks about high cholesterol first then hypertension as 2nd major risk factor, smoking as 3rd, Physical inactivity 4th. Then the book goes on to talk about the incidence of CAD being greater among patients with DM than the general public. According to the book DM is classified as a modifiable contributing risk factor but cholesterol, HTN, and smoking are classified as modifiable MAJOR risk factors.
    I answered cholesterol on the exam and feel better about that answer after reading that section in the book.
    What do you think???
    Based on my lecture and my book (same as yours ;o) I would have answered cholesterol as well. But then those are "modifiable" right?