Evolve/HESI practice tests and case studies

  1. Has any one used these? I have been using them to study for the exit HESI and I'm not looking up answers as I go. My scores are consistently 68-75%. I've already passed a "practice" HESI (it was exam version 4) before being given the opportunity to use the resources. I'm scared to death I won't pass the "real" version. I won't mention how mad I am that the "practice" score can't be used for my final exit score. It was a real HESI exit exam for goodness sakes. Anywho...what are your experiences with Evolve/HESI online materials?
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    Term 1 we had to take a HESI test. I didn't study for it. Honestly, I thought I would do pretty poorly. I was floored when my grade printed and I got over 950! Wow!

    So...now we have another HESI next week. This one for psych. I am doing well in class....but the evolve stuff isn't as good. It usually took 2 tries to get 100 pts on the case studies....but I was using these to study for our class tests. I took the Practice quiz A. Thought I would do ok. OMG! My first attempt was a 35! It took 5 attempts to score 95%.

    There is part of me that wants to panic about the HESI we are about to take. There is another part of me that said I did VERY well on my first HESI test, so I shouldn't let myself get panicked.

    Simply put.....I know how you feel!