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I have the flu :crying2::crying2::crying2: or at the very least flu like symptoms. I've been sick since Monday night. What a nightmare. I don't have a fever thank god, but I've just been so weak,... Read More

  1. by   shippoRN
    Quote from nozyrozy40
    omg!!!! i have been sick the last 3.5 weeks. seriously!!! upper respiratory, ear infection....i missed 4 out of 6 lectures (adn evening/weekender program), missed a week of work (lpn in ltc) and had an exam this past wednesday. you don't think i was sweating bullets??? i'm still not 100%, but hey....gotta keep plugging along.
    thought for sure i bombed the exam, but ended up w/ a 79!!!! it's passing and that's what's important.
    all you can do in this situation is do what you can. there's no way i could have made it to any of the classes or work. i was pretty much in the bed 20 out of 24 hrs!!!
    tis the season i guess!!!
    holy smokes, i hope you get better soon, hang in there, i'm finially starting to get better
  2. by   shippoRN
    thanks everyone for you suggestions and well wishes. You can't deny the power of "mom always knows best" my mom made me soup, and made me drink children's Dimeatapp, I woke up this morning and was feeling soo much better and didn't miss my clinical. I'm not 100% but my head doesn't feel like it wants to explode anymore.

    I was taking Nyquil, and since I'm really thin, i think one dose of that stuff was actually an overdose, and I was feeling worse, but the dimeatapp really worked. I'm still on the mend but I can actually get out of bed.
  3. by   suanna
    If it keeps up you may need to repeat the semester. Twice in my BSN education I had to drop and restart. Half way through LD/Nursery (I had finished the dreaded L&D) I picked up MONO!!!, My doc thought I had lymphoma after 2 neg. mono spots and I was disapointed to test + for mono on the 3rd. With lymphoma I may die but could still go to clinicals- with mono I was out. Second time my mother had a CVA and I had to drop to help out for a few mos. Both times I ended up bumping into a better clinical rotation than the one I missed. With all the skills you have to master an extra half of a semester isn't the worst thing to happen. You may be better off seeing if you can drop and restart if you miss more that 2wks. That would leave you at a tremendous disadvantage trying to "make up", "keep up" and just "get up" when you are recovering from an illness. You don't want to short change you clinical education. Hope that doesn't happen- get better fast- but if God closes a door he always opens a window. We just have to look for the right path.
    As far as get better fast- I've had good luck killing a virus with a max dose of vita E, Vita C, Zinc, and a good B complex for energy. Haven't had a cold last more that 2-3 days if I load up. I am not one of those "holistic" magic herb people but my MD uses that protocal for viral infections.