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like there is no end in sight and the whole nursing school os out to get you ? i'm not even exaggerating at this point. end of year one and i'd consider c-section easier time then nursing... Read More

  1. by   bisson
    wdwpixie i did not mean anything towards students who are in cc, i started out on a cc, and i only transfered to a private school because i did not get into the cc nursing program with a 3.8 gpa. i took all my re-req's at cc and had intentions of getting in to their nursing school, but when you have 3,000 applicants trying out for 70 seats, 3.8 gpa is not good enough. however i am speaking from experience with my city's cc, and they are rude, mean and laugh in your face when you tell them you want to get into their program - yes, i literary had someone tell me "what makes you believe that you could get in ?"

    in a private school, that you pay 3x more tuition , they treat you like you just paid them 20,000 $ ( tuition ) at cc, where it costs 3,000 you're constantly put down and you're made out to feel like you owe them.

    now call this a dog-eat-dog city , and yes only the strongest survive here, but unless you're from here, you can't say that our cc are as nice and kind, and caring about their students as other states. this is what i meant by my cc statement, nothing towards the students, it was towards the faculty/ administration that i have had experience with.

    thank you to all posters, this definitely is encouraging, of course all i can do is study , or apply to medical school , but i hope i'll make it through.
  2. by   allthingsbright
    I definitely feel the same way! (((HUGS)))
  3. by   bisson
    wow 4 years later.....

    i found this thread in my account, i havent been on the boards for years.

    years have come and gone, looking back at nursing school i could never have imagined that the nclex was by far the mother of all heart wrenching tests.

    But here i am now, almost 3 years since graduation day. who knew there's life after nursing school?!?!?!?!