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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I took the TEAS Entrance Exam the other night. The school said we could find the results on-line, but not to call them with any questions until next Friday. I found my results tonight and I'm not thrilled - my individual score was 80% and I've seen many others here mention that they had scores in the high 90's on the exams they took.

    The results also gave a national average percentile and a "program type" percentile. Does anyone know if the "program type" percentile is how you rank (percentage wise) or what the average percentage people got on the test - it's not very clear.

    The Instructor told us we might not be able to figure out where we rank - out of all those that took the test just from reading the results on-line. Like I said - they won't take any calls until late next week and I was hoping someone here knew how to read these results. I'm scheduled to take an $80.00 CPR Course on Saturday and have a physical with my Doc. on Monday (the last part of the application process). Honestly, if I knew I didn't score well enough to stand a chance getting in - I don't want to waste my money on the course or the physical. Thanks for any help!!! - I'm so bummed out.. SusanNC
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  3. by   Altra

    I would think that the "program type" percentile refers to the performance of others in a similar type of program - BSN/ADN/diploma.