End of the semster crunch anyone??

  1. Ughhhhh this sucks,,,
    I have my computer porfolio project due by Weds, have a Bio test on Monday, my Bio final on Weds and NO AMBITION hahhahhaha.

    Tomm is mother's day and I will spend most of it studying!!!

    BTW my 2 1/2 year olg things its funny to "help" on the computer

    I CANNOT wait for next week to be OVER!!!
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  3. by   TopCat1234
    my spring semester ended early for me; i started summer session this past thursday.

    but yep, 3 weeks ago, when i had 2 finals, 4 papers due and one was a huge presentation to the class, i had no motivation and desire - i was soooo looking forward to the 2 week vacation with my husband! i mean, really - at that point, i just wanted to go on vacation and get away from it all!

    the presentation flopped as far as i am concerned and it was like 30% of my grade. but the prof assured me she didn't see any reason why i couldn't get a c in the class. we'll see.

    4 a's and 1 c isn't too bad, i guess....

  4. by   studentNY
    Micro final monday, Developmental Psych final tuesday, I CAN'T get myself to study. I was going to study but here I am. I am sure I'll be ready in Sept, but for now I am burnt. Good luck to everybody finishing up this semester!!!! Had a 4.0 but I can't help but think if I just blow the micro final I'll still be OK. Is that scary or what? Yikes!! A vacation sounds great. Oh, wait a minute, I don't have any money .
  5. by   TopCat1234
    Quote from studentny
    a vacation sounds great. oh, wait a minute, i don't have any money .
    my husband and i went fishing in the rv. the state run campground cost $13 per night. we ate what we caught, so groceries, even with breakfast and lunch were kept to a minimum. i think the whole trip cost about $500-$600 even with gas.

    even if you camp with a tent for a 3 day weekend, you'd only be out about $100-$150.