End of First Semester

  1. Ahhhhh, seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting the first day of class to begin & now I just finished up the last day. I wound up with a B average.....so close to an A, but the final exam-------nearly everyone failed the final. Which if you ask me---doesn't make sense, but oh well, the semester is over. Onto a nice, long summer break & then onto second semester.

    How about the rest of you........how's it going?
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  3. by   Mithrah
    My semester ends in just a few days.

    I don't get the summer off because I'm in an accelerated program. But for all of you who have it off, enjoy!
  4. by   2banurse
    Wow! Jennerizer, that feels like it really went fast. I remember your posts from the beginning of the semester.

    How was the final written that so many failed?

  5. by   HollieRN
    My last exam was Friday ... And i'm off all summer! Wooooo
  6. by   Jennerizer
    The final consisted mostly of pharmacology......only it wasn't based on the information we learned in class or in our book.....rather it was based on what we should know as nurses in a hospital setting. The only thing is...we haven't gotten that in depth into pharmacology & some of the drugs we never even covered yet. It also consisted of a lot of clinical based situations......which we've never encountered nor have we ever been taught. We studied our notes for the final figuring it would cover what we were taught over the last 4 months........since they said it was a cumulative final. Nope, it was mostly hypothetical situations in which we've never been taught anything about. I think the highest score was an 86 & the exam had 102 questions on it. I got a 76....anything under 78 is considered a failing grade. Oh well.......I'm still happy with a B for the semester.
  7. by   HollieRN
    Originally posted by Jennerizer
    ... I got a 76....anything under 78 is considered a failing grade.
    And i thought my school was stiff w/ the 65% pass ...
  8. by   Mithrah
    Our final had a lot of new material on it. One would think that we'd be tested on what we learned in lecture or in our reading, but that is not the case. It seems the instructor purposefully put those questions to fail the borderline students. Well, the teacher succeeded. My friend didn't pass.

    Our school requires a 76% minimum to pass. I've heard of one school that requires at least an 80%.

    I'm still plugging along and my advise to any students who are getting ready to go into nursing school is to read an NCLEX book cover to cover BEFORE school begins because once you are in the program you'll be too busy to do it. I'm sure glad I did!
  9. by   maire
    Our final is Monday 5/12...not looking forward to it, but will be glad to see the semester end. Final is about 1/4 cumulative and 3/4 new material. I haven't even started to study yet.:imbar

    I have the summer off (except for a Nutrition course I'm taking in July) and decided not to do the externship; now I can't for the life of me think why, and I'm kicking myself for not taking the opportunity.

    Even if I bomb the final I will end up with a B average in the class, so I'm not too stressed over it. Can't wait til September! OB and Peds!
  10. by   Jennerizer

    I think that's the reason they do make the finals so hard.....to get rid of the borderline students. Doesn't seem fair to test on all new material when they call it a cumulative final & never teach any of the new material. I'm wondering how many in my class didn't pass. If those of use that went into the final with an A average all failed, I can't imagine how the students going into it with a C average did. Seems deceptive & so unfair.